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FeastCMS is a PHP content management system built on codeIgniter framework with fully functionality and customization.

Our features

Look at some of powerful and helpful features

Themes system

Our template system was one of the most important things we have to provide in our system to be able to customize it to maximum degree.

Custom theme options

with our custom option feature you can create a fully customizable themes with theme panel on dashboard to customize your own theme options.

Slider manager

We make our sliders system friendly and easy to use with many options and wonderful features.

Media manager

with our media manager you can upload, rename or delete media files (images, videos and more), and when you add new post or page you can select post image from media manager easy.

Menu manager

With our new feature Menu manager now you able to manage all of your menus (main menu - sidebar - footer - etc...) using easy drag and drop nesting.

Modules system

Now you can integrate your stand alone project with HMVC system you can create a small stand alone project and integrate it by one click.

Our Recent Works

Look at some of the recent projects we have completed for our valuble clients

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